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Then there is the boy you can never stop thinking about. Whenever you see his name, it trips you up. Even if it’s one that belongs to many others, even if he belongs to someone else.

You know he is a symbol of your weakness, your Kryptonite. How he rushes in like wildfire and burns through everything you worked so hard to build since he last left you in ashes.

– Lang Leav (Signposts, Lullabies)



plot twist: the person you like actually texts you back

plot twist: the person you like texts you first


I have a massive fear that no one actually likes me, rather everyone is just politely tolerating me hoping I leave them alone

You only kept
me around because
you needed a shoulder to lean on,
but you’re starting to
feel too heavy for
me to carry.
– I was always the one being used. (KJ)
You forgot about me for two months and then showed up one day and said you missed me. – (29/365) by (KJ)
You always walked two steps ahead of me or left a gap in between the seats. I guess I should have known you would never truly love me. – (30/365) by (KJ)
Have you ever had a sore muscle but you kept poking and prodding knowing it was going to hurt? Loving you was like that. – (33/365) by (KJ)
Dammit I should’ve seen the signs but I guess thats why they say love is blind. – (37/365) by (KJ)
He had some kind of pull on me, like gum on a shoe or a razor on a wrists. – (39/365) by (KJ)

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