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meeting someone who has the same music taste as you



I’m simultaneously the nicest and meanest person you’ll ever meet

You’re still my person, even if I’m not yours. – Grey’s Anatomy (via connotativewords)
The brain naturally craves 4 things: Food, Sex, Water and Sleep. – (via lillyfelizitas)


baby, i don’t care about your stomach

or your legs

or how big your boobs are

i don’t care about you at all

leave me alone



I’m a very sexual person and I’m not sorry

Except I think it freaks out the boy.


Your shirt and pants are unnecessary take them off

If you were to press your heart close up against somebody else’s heart eventually your hearts will start beating at the same time. And two little babies in an incubator, their hearts will beat at the same time. Love that. So if you have somebody in your life that is prone to anxiety, like myself, and if you happen to be a calm person, you could come up and hug me heart to heart and my heart hopefully would slow to yours. And I just love that idea. Or maybe yours would speed up to mine. But either way, we’ll be there together.  Andrea Gibson (via buhaybabae)
I swear to god, ‘Turn Down for What’ has killed someone. I’ve been at parties that are chill, maybe even winding down, and that song comes on and people take five shots in a row and start throwing chairs in the air. – The dark side of Lil Jon. (via alejanrdo)


half of my life has probably been spent in a towel after showering

Note to self: don’t let anything destroy you, especially yourself. – (163/365) by (DS)

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